Tuesday, April 26, 2011

Colonial Homes Restore Historic Event

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            ATLANTA- Current residents of the Colonial Homes Apartments area and neighboring communities are eager for this summer’s Pig Roast, recreated after the original one that took place in Colonial Homes in the 1960s.  “The original roast took place in 1961 during early fall and everyone that lived here was at the event.” Chris Burke said, current property manager at Colonial Homes Apartments. “ I’m always trying to think of new things to do and having an all night session roasting this pig would be cool.”

         Colonial Homes Apartments were originally constructed in 1940. This vintage townhome community sits adjacent to Bobby Jones Golf Course.  

1961 Colonial Homes Pig Roast

       During initial construction, these homes were for the up and coming young professional of Atlanta.  “People would have to have 2 referrals before even being considered to live here.” Burke said.
       The pig roast is going to take place in early August 2011 at the current Colonial Homes Apartments Pool. “A pig roast usually takes about 20 hours or so.” Burke said.  “I plan on staying up all night for the event.”  

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