Tuesday, April 26, 2011

Colonial Homes Community Revive Old Tradition

          On Monday, Colonial Homes Apartments residents and employees discuss plans to hold an old-school pig roast replicated after the original that took place here in the 1960s. “The original roast was a community event that everyone attended.” Chris Burke said, current property manager at Colonial Homes Apartments. “I think having a pig roasting like they did here forty years ago would be great for our community."
          Burke said that famous Atlanta natives such Ted Turner, runner Carl Louis, Edwin McCain and many Atlanta Braves players have lived at Colonial Homes. "Everyone that is someone now, lived right in this neighborhood." Burke said. "If this event works as planned, who knows who will show, maybe even Mr. Turner himself."  Burke gather information from a 1960s resident for the idea, Mary Papoudalis, who happened to move back into the community in 2007.
       Mary Papoudalis attended the original pig roast and many events in the community throughout the years.  “All the people were dressed up in cocktail attire, it was fabulous.” Papoudalis said. “The guys would hang out by the roast in suits and ties while the kids would be hula hooping by the pool area, it was great.” Almost everyone that lived here during the time attended the roast. The 2011 pig roast has become quite the gossip among neighbors in the community and is expected to have a great turnout.

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